This looks like an interesting platform. Integrated with Office 365 and provides a secure setting for collaboration with ‘co-workers’. I haven’t found any examples where it has been used in education, seems to be a business application at this time....


I don’t know about 2- or 30 years, but I see our world becoming responsive to us. The idea of a piece of technology will become obsolete. We will be immersed in a society built entirely on technology, where the environment around us ‘knows’ us and...


Access – the ability to access technology is the major concern moving forward. As technology developed, cost should decrease, whoever the trend is for technology to become more expensive, making it prohibitive to those that could benefit most from it.


The idea of devices that are adaptive – that change and modify their structure and design according to how I use the device (time of day, in different spaces, etc.). Adaptive technology – the personalization of technology – is very exciting.