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  1. Janet Ward

    Reposting to get my points — oh those badges! Just wondering why I am commenting on February 8th at night but the date stamps say February 9th in the afternoon?

    • Gary Bartanus

      LOL! I’m glad you enjoy earning badges, Janet! This was the first site where I’ve ever set up such a thing and it definitely won’t be the last! Regarding the weird time stamps, all I can tell you is that, in the WordPress settings, this site is set on the time zone for Seoul, Korea (which is where I live right now) and Seoul time is 17 hours ahead of Vancouver time. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the server that actually hosts the site is located in Houston, Texas, and run by a very good hosting company in Bulgaria called SiteGround.

  2. Janet Ward

    It doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of innovation aside from being a piece of “furniture” on wheels. So in that sense, I guess it offers “mobility” but I don’t think it offers much by way of true mobile collaboration – the other tools employed do that! This seems to be simply a presentation device.

  3. Rodney St-Pierre

    I will echo the comments below from Dana and Aisaac. As I was watching the video I kept asking myself “What does this device do that cannot already be accomplished with mobile devices, free apps (Google Drive/Apps for example) and a large TV ” I came up with nothing. If one of these people “broadcast” their video output (Chromecast, for example) to the TV, I believe this would end up being pretty much the same thing.

  4. aisaac

    I will second Dana’s sentiments. With so many collaborative tools being made available, I’m not sure this one will rise above the others. Will this tool actually increase productivity? We already have methods of sharing files and links and communicating in real time using our individual mobile devices. I’m not sure that students will see any added benefit in having a larger screen with which they can collaborate, which is more cumbersome to move than the device they already own.

    At one point in the video, they mention that WeHub “makes it feel like [collaborators] are all in the same room,” even when they are not. I found it ironic that at this point in the video, we were actually watching group members collaborating from the same room. From a marketing standpoint, if I was developing the add, I would probably have shown students working together from different locations…

  5. Dana Stanley

    I have difficulty seeing this as a resource that will take off in education. First of all, it’s not clear from the video what the actual features of the technology are. I’m unclear as to what additional benefit this would offer over less expensive and collaboration options. It seems likely to be a large investment that would require training,maintenance, and security. To be useful to a large number of students, a school would have to purchase a number of these. There are so many good (and free) collaboration apps out there, and technology changes so quickly these days, that I can’t imagine a school investing in this particular system.


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