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A Few Details…

Responsive_Web_Design1Because mobile technology is rapidly getting faster and more robust, mobile collaboration is moving decisively away from simple text messaging and email and headed boldly in the direction of increased image, video, and real time interactivity.  We have gathered a small sampling of what we consider to be among the most pedagogically relevant mobile collaboration apps today and invite you to check them out and assess them for yourself.

To assist you with this process, we have implemented a badge learning path that is similar to the UBC ETEC565M WordPress site.  Please note that these sites are not linked and that the credits and badges you earn here will not be used to automatically update your badge earnings on the official ETEC565M blog. If nothing else, the credits you earn here will help you to keep track of the resources that you have already seen and evaluated.  This will improve the data collection of our online assessment tools and save you a considerable amount of time.

To take advantage of the badge/credit learning pathway, please login here or below with your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account and post a comment at the bottom of this or any other page.

Hangouts_Icon2Mobile Collaboration Hangout

Below is a recording of our Google Hangout On-air discussion about mobile collaboration that took place on February 7 at 4 PM (PST). Thank you so much to all who joined us by either participating or just checking in to watch!

Introduction to Hangouts

If you were not able to watch or participate in the hangout and are still not sure what it’s all about, check out the Google+ Hangout promotional video below:

The SECTIONS Framework

Based on Bates, A. W. and Poole, G. (2003)

Assessing the Apps

sectionspdfthmb1For this Open Education Resource, all online survey forms are adapted from the SECTIONS Technology Assessment Framework, as described in Bates, A. W. and Poole, G. (2003) Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education: Foundations for Success. New York: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated.

Because this OER focuses specifically on mobile collaboration technology, the online surveys have been reduced to the four SECTIONS criteria that were deemed to be most relevant to that focus.

The UBC Elearning Toolkit provides more detailed information on the SECTIONS Framework and the image (above left) takes you to an excellent draft tool that is hosted on the UBC Wiki site.


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