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Platform: iPad
Cost: Free

This app lets you create content on a whiteboard using both the apps’ built in tools and files you import. BaiBoard supports PDF’s and one can connect with Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote to import images. Up to 40 people can collaborate on a single document and users are able to use both the voice or IM built in communication tool. Users that are logged in at the same time will synchronously see changes being made.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Type, draw, add photos, and easily communicate with others to ease collaboration

Cons: Only available on iPad and lacks online help.


Users are able to communicate both Synchronous & Asynchronous to create whiteboard presentations that are shareable on Dropbox, Evernote, and Facebook.

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2. Comment about how/why you would (or would not) use this app.

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  1. Mike Morris

    This looks great…I could see my class using this for our Daily Editing activity.

  2. Janet Ward

    This seems to be a very useful iPad app, but it’s greatest limitation is that it doesn’t accommodate for androids. I also wonder about the term “collaboration” when you are opening a document and highlighting it. The fact that it’s free, relatively easy to use and very visually-appealling are certainly its strengths.

  3. S Turner

    This app seems to have lots of potential. It is too bad that it is not cross platform at this time.

  4. cwc1

    Unfortunately, when I tried to use this app with my ‘legacy’ iPad1 (ie. the original one), the app crashed, so I couldn’t really evaluate it 🙁

  5. Ryan Iles

    This one looks very cool, and fortunately I have quite a few iPads at work to take advantage. Thanks for introducing this one to me as I have not seen it before. Seems intuitive to use, and I like the compatible nature it has with Evernote and Dropbox.

  6. Rodney St-Pierre

    I am pleased to learn that an Android app is in the works. This will certainly widen its appeal. A similar app/web 2.0 tool has been mentioned in our forums already – It is Web-based and therefore OS independent and does most of what BaiBoard can do – except for voice.

  7. jenh

    Thanks, Mobile Collaboration Team, for the introduction to the app. It looks like it has a lot of collaborative potential and I will definitely try it out.

  8. Lane Hardy

    Honestly, just because it is an iPad only app, I wouldn’t use it. I’m not a fan of Apple products in least. My district is mostly PC based and iPads are somewhat a rare/limited sight, so while it looks like it could be a very powerful collaborative tool, it is not for me. Maybe if they get on the Android/PC wagon, my opinion would probably change.

  9. Leahbio

    I find this app a bit difficult to use. I only have access to an Ipad from select areas within my school. Its user-ability should be used from other available users. I have used “Everything” app and find it an easier whiteboard app that is a bit more user friendly. I agree with Stuart and Gary in that if it was available across mobility devices, Android as well as Apple devices, there would be more proponents of this app.

  10. aisaac

    I can’t speak from personal experience, since I don’t currently own an iPad. But I am very excited to test out this app in the future — in a class with a full set of iPads. I can see it being very engaging for young learners in particular. It also looks like a useful note-taking tool for students in older grades.

  11. Mark Viola

    What a great app – like an interactive whiteboard without the hassle of students moving around the class.

    Used it in class today. Broke students up into groups and create a class board. As our discussion progressed, students from each group added to the board. The result was a collaborative record of what we discussed including images and resources that students found during the lesson and added to the board.

    • Farooq

      That is awesome Mark! What did the student think about the app?

  12. Kirsten Ng

    I downloaded BaiBoard to my Macbook, fell in love with it, and created my first board. It’s very intuitive, with instantly recognizable text and image icons and nice-looking Noteworthy font. Haven’t explored the iPad app which has even more features. I especially like the Nearby Meet that lets you discover and join a Meet hosted in the same wifi network. Currently it’s degree of openness to the community is limited but when the Android app becomes available, as Stuart mentioned, the possibilities for facilitating collaborative learning, planned or spontaneous, are limitless.

  13. Steve Holmberg

    I think this app has good potential. I’ve used Explain Everything in the past but now I am considering giving BaiBoard a try. I like the real time collaboration and voice aspect this app caries. I will also compare it to Corkulous Pro.

  14. Eva Perez

    I like the potential of this in the classroom for both teachers and students but wonder about logistics. I will explore it on my iPad and potentially share with staff as we are focussing on collaboration, specifically with the iPad.

    • Farooq

      Eva, please let us know what you find out.

    • Steve Holmberg

      Hi Eva, Will you be using this app with kids or staff or both? Let me know how it goes!

  15. Ben Ferrel

    I like the potential to have students marking up a document at the same time, from their desks, with the result being both visible on a Smartboard linked to an Ipad, and archivable for students to access anytime. Powerful app!

  16. Stuart Lulling

    I did a bit of searching around and also enquired from the BaiBoard lads themselves. They are actually in the design phase for an Android app but they have yet to define a release date. It is certainly would extend the reach of this app for it to be available on a cross platform basis. This could be one to watch once that happens.

    • Rhena

      Hi Stuart, thanks for finding out a bit more about the future of this app. It certainly does seem to have potential.

  17. rhena

    I like the interactivity of BaiBoard. It supports sharing and creating a variety of document types as well as real time brainstorming/meeting sessions. These features would be useful in the classroom as students could develop collaboration and communication skills. BaiBoard could be used for a variety of collaborative projects, and the skills gained could be transferred to other areas of the curriculum. In a classroom with a 1:1 iPad programme this would be worth a try.

  18. Gary Suber

    BaiBoard appears to have a lot of potential, but it is only available for iPad, which severely limits its Ease of Use and Reliability, according to the SECTIONS criteria. Too bad!

    • Stuart Lulling

      Agreed Gary, a stylus would be handy for this app, shame its not encouraged for the iPad. Cross device compatibility would encourage the BYOD enthusiasts.


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