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Mobile Collaboration OER


Live URL:
Platform: Any device that supports a web browser
Cost: Free

EDpuzzle lets you edit existing videos by cropping content, adding a voice-over, adding audio comments and adding content related questions to check for understanding.

This tool is great for a flipped classroom environment as now teachers can create lessons that require student interaction, rather than assuming students are really paying attention when viewing videos.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Easy to use and intuitive with lots of help text and video, the dashboard tracks student grades, which then can be exported to Excel.

Cons: Requires internet bandwidth that can support videos as well as a smart phone with web capabilities .


One can join the EDpuzzle community to access existing edited videos, share your own creations and get advice.

Quick and Cute Hands-on Demo
One very impressive aspect of EDpuzzle is the fact that their interactive videos are fully responsive. That means they can be embedded and played anywhere:

Next steps:

1. Fill out the survey in the toggle below:

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2. Comment about how/why you would (or would not) use this app.

Commenting Suggestion: Before posting your comments, it might be interesting to compare your SECTIONS-based assessment to previous assessments. This can be done by completing the 4 item survey in the toggle above and using the Google link called “See previous responses”.
3. Check the SECTIONS-based Assessment Results (as of end of W05)


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  1. Mike Morris

    I have been looking for something like this…I will definitely be using it during Science…we are doing extreme environments and there are so many good videos but I only want pieces of them…thanks!

  2. awhetter

    This would be good for annotating and commenting on recordings of student work and activities.

  3. Janet Ward

    Neato! Looks like very straightforward. Don’t really know how the collaboration piece fits in? Perhaps students could create their own “lessons” and their own peer questions for each other?

  4. cwc1

    This seems like a great app for any teacher who is not technically adept, yet wants to incorporate the flipped classroom model – it’s like CamTasia for the masses.

  5. Ryan Iles

    An interesting tool to mash up video’s and embed questions of your owns for students to interact with. The idea of checking who has watched and how successful students were as well is neat, so I think it would play well as an add-on or for blended, online, or flipped classrooms. Without trying it out my only concern would be the ease of use – how simple and intuitive it is to use, change, and upload.

  6. aisaac

    I think Edpuzzle could add great value to High School lessons or University lectures. It seems like a strong method of reinforcing large amounts of content. I plan to use this app to create podcasts with embedded vocab quizzes for the Grade 12 psychology course I will begin teaching next week. I think it could also be useful for younger grades, but more as a hook or pre-assessment. And of course, this kind of activity needs to be followed up with an interactive, hands-on activity of some kind, one which promotes higher order thinking and collaboration.

  7. Lane Hardy

    This looks like a great tool for the teacher who uses the flipped classroom model. However, through the promo video and investigation, I’m not sure if I would consider this a great tool to collaborate with. I’m glad you have shown how it can be used though – I’d love to use it for in my own practise.

  8. Dana Stanley

    I’m always on the lookout for easy-to-use video editing software, and this looks like a nice addition. I like the quiz component to offer just-in-time feedback and keep the viewer engaged. I found some of the interface details to be a little awkward in the quiz feature. Others have commented on the lack of collaboration in this app, which is true. Video is often constrained to one-way and asynchronous communication, but that does not prevent it from being a very useful tool.

  9. Mark Viola

    As a teaching tool EDpuzzle seems like a really good application. However for me it lacks some of the Collaboarative features that I look for in my teaching tools. While there is the ability to check stunt learning at points throughout the video, there is no way to offer feedback or discussion for this students. EDpuzzle works in a very one-direction way, from teacher to learner.

    • Farooq

      Good point Mark. I guess the collaboration is move teacher/teacher as Kirsten pointed out with the link she provided.

  10. Kirsten Ng

    I like apps with a support community and EDpuzzle is one of them: It’s great that you can tap into the site and get or contribute ideas on lesson examples and cool projects.

  11. Steve Holmberg

    The embedded interactivity and the teacher’s ability to track student comprehension and engagement is interesting and has authentic implications for education. However, my initial thinking about this app is that you can do essentially the same thing with iMovie and use Google apps to administer tests etc. As others have mentioned, the issue of copyright also comes into play.

  12. Eva Perez

    I, like Stuart thought about how students could use EDpuzzle. I like the idea of remixing multimedia already published but also wonder about copyright, especially is students are to use it as a presentation tool. Definitely looks user-friendly!

  13. etower

    I love the idea of this technology and what it provides for educational use, however, I wonder about all of the possible copyright implications.

    • Stuart Lulling

      Most of the copyright issues with video can be circumvented by referencing the original video. Not in an academic way but think of it as embedding the original video and this is just putting a graphic skin over it for the different learning aspects. Of course the trouble with this is that if the original video is actually taken down or put into private mode all of your work is for nothing. Failing this you are correct in thinking that copyright would start to raise its head.

  14. Ben Ferrel

    Embedding quizzes into Video lessons is possible through other full-fledged eLearning applications like Adobe Captivate, but these are not mobile device friendly like Edpuzzle, nor are they as simple (at least based on the promo video).

    • Stuart Lulling

      Thats a great point. The intro video shows it working so simply but nothing about the GUI of actually doing each element. Would be interesting too see how easy it is to set up the different learning milestones.

  15. Stuart Lulling

    This brings google annotations in YouTube to a whole new level. The idea is very impressive and brings a bit more versatility to the videos than annotations. The original MIT open source courses used annotations (not definite if they still do) but this does bring in more powerful resources definitely. This would be worthwhile in a MOOC learning environment rather than a traditional classroom environment as it could be labour intensive to develop for a small group. It would be worthwhile exploring opportunities where by the students themselves developed the engaging interactive videos in groups.

  16. rhena

    According to the SECTIONS framework EDpuzzle scores high in ease of use but I think lacks in other areas. This app is very teacher centric, and although students may develop comprehension skills and learn to watch videos more actively they are not given opportunity to create their own questions or collaborate. There are also some organizational issues, as students need to sign-in using Google+, Edmodo or teachers will need to create individual accounts. It also appears that teachers can only create the videos themselves online and not through an application for mobile devices. Being able to insert comprehension questions into YouTube videos is certainly a feature worth trying though!

  17. Gary Suber

    I love how EDpuzzle makes it possible for students to interact with video. This one seems worth exploring further!


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