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Mobile Collaboration OER


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Platform: All mobile phones, tablets and desktops computers
Cost: Free

This instant messenger app lets you have a conversation with up to 200 people. You can send out a broadcast to up to 100 people. Telegram is committed to your privacy and has the option for “top secret” chats as well as auto destruct messages. You can access your messages from multiple platforms, including your home computer.

Pros & Cons

Pros: You can transfer any type of file, up to 1GB in size. Great privacy setting for classroom environments

Cons: At this time this isn’t a very popular messenger app and students might not feel like downloading and learning another messenger app


Telegram lets you communicate with students, parents, teachers or a whole school in a easy, fast and safe manner. Telegram can be used as a massive messaging board for all type of activities.

(a little biased video about why Telegram is better than WhatsApp)

Next steps:

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2. Comment about how/why you would (or would not) use this app.

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  1. Janet Ward

    As a communication tool and perhaps for easy and quick file sharing, this seems to be an adequate app. I’m not sure it contributes in a big way to collaboration in education. It would be useful, yes, but there are other methods already available to do this very same thing. I would find it difficult to imagine a situation when the same message needed to go out to 200 recipients.

  2. cwc1

    I use Telegram already, and I find that it’s an excellent messaging app; however, I don’t see it as being as viable in education as other forms of messaging.

  3. Lane Hardy

    This looks interesting, but having not needed to use WhatsApp or send messages to multiple people, I don’t think I have a use for it. In the spirit of true collaborating, this would have to pair up with another application and this would only really be used for file sharing.

    • aisaac

      Lane, I agree with you. I’m not sure of what use this app would be to me, either on a personal or professional level. I have never needed to send messages to over a handful of people at a time. As for file sharing, it can already be done easily using Google Drive, a platform which I feel more people are familiar with,

  4. Eva Perez

    I’ve never heard of Telegram and worry about having to “learn” another messaging app. That said, I am intrigued and will probably download it. I’m surprised at how many users it already has and that they offer hackers $200 000!

  5. Stuart Lulling

    I have ever heard of this. The video, biased as you honestly say, does actually make is sound amazing. I will be downloading it, hopefully some friends will be on it already. If not, I will be sticking to whatsapp but I will be disappointed with it now.

  6. rhena

    I like that Telegram is open source and prides itself on offering greater privacy than other messaging services. It was easy to install, but it only works on my smartphone as my MacBook is too out of date to support the desktop version. If teachers want to communicate with large groups of students this would be handy, but if everyone needs to register their phone number it could blur the lines a bit too much between personal and professional life and create some organizational challenges. Overall, this app has useful features for interactivity but lacks in other areas of SECTIONS as a teaching and learning tool.

    • Steve Holmberg

      Do we really need another Messenger App? However, I like their claims re: privacy. The ability to “protect” student’s privacy is a very worthwhile educational consideration.

      • Steve Holmberg

        This should not be a reply to rhena. It should be an individual comment. Sorry.


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