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Hangout Video

Thank you to all who joined in the discussion! A recording of the hangout was made and is embedded below for those who were not able to synchronously participate:

Live Blog

During the hangout, we also made use of Twitter and exchanged tweets in a live blog that added to the discourse. Below are the instructions for that process and, in the sidebar on the right, is the Live Feed Widget that captured all the tweets.

1. Make sure you are signed into Twitter

If you used Twitter to log in to this site, you are good to go! If you didn’t use Twitter – or you are not logged logged in to Twitter – you can sign in now with this link.

2. How to participate on a mobile device

If you are using a mobile device, the Twitter and Tweetcaster apps are quick and easy–plus they automatically close after you tweet so you can get back to this page asap.

3. How to participate on your computer

If you are using a computer, just stay on this page. From here, you can participate in, watch, or listen to the hangout while tweeting with the Live Feed Widget.

4. Be sure to use the #mobcoll hashtag.

If you use the Live Feed Widget to participate, the #mobcoll hashtag will be automatically generated for you. Please don’t delete it; otherwise your tweets will not be visible in this community.

Possible Hangout Topics

By the time you join us for the Mobile Collaboration hangout on February 7, you will have had time to consider various mobile collaboration apps and how they fit the criteria of both the SECTIONS framework and your own professional practice.

Here are some discussion topics to consider:

1. Will mobile collaboration ever really flourish when the very popular IOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad) also happen to be very proprietary, expensive, and often incompatible with a growing number of non-proprietary, open-source technologies that also happen to be much more affordable? If not, then what, if anything, can be done about it?

2. What were your top 3 Mobile Collaboration apps (on the Top 3 Survey) and why did you choose them?

3. What additional technologies would be good additions to this OER?

Hangout / Live Blog Info.

Date: Sat., Feb. 7

Time: 4:00 to 5:00 (PST)

Link: Mobile Collaboration Hangout (event ended)


Adeel Farooq, Mexico
Peter Lawrentiw,  Canada
Rhena Bowie, Angola
Gary Bartanus, Seoul, Korea
Pooneh Yazdani, Korea

Image of Live Tweets

The Twitter widget “forgot” the original tweets. Below is an image of them:


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