Top 3 App Survey

Mobile Collaboration OER

Top 3 App Survey

Now that you have checked out the apps presented in this OER, it would be appreciated if you would please complete this  culminating poll activity and share your final thoughts in the comment section below.  

Results as of 02-08-15 at 11:40 PM (PST)

If you haven’t yet completed the survey, there is still some time to bring down the Google giant:

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  1. DAliceMarsh

    I agree, I look for something that has been around for a while AND that has been recommended to me by others. Those that know me, know what I like. They are often aware of my teaching methods and learning methods that they know what I will gravitate towards.

    For quick brainstorming, my students like the ease of Padlet. It’s something quick and easy they can use. They will often share the link to the Padlet with others outside of class to encourage other points of views.

  2. Steve Holmberg

    When considering my pick for the best mobile collaboration tool I framed my thinking around the longevity of the app/company. Google is a “power player” in the technology field. Google’s power is situated within their wide reach and dominating power in the industry. Google integrates with hundreds of apps, provides a “one stop shop” for all/most networked needs and continues to innovate.

    • Gary Bartanus

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Steve. The only problem I have with Google is that they so frequently change things – and I have to spend time re-learning how to do certain tasks. Furthermore, as one who creates video tutorials for his students, I am chagrined to find that many of my videos become outdated rather quickly. Oh well, such is the price one pays for leading edge technology…..


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